KM'S English Rabbits

Here is our setup, our rabbits have a spacious hutch each and access to exercise in an outdoor run. 


Here are the rabbits enjoying their outdoor runs in the sunshine. 


Here are some pictures of the new run in progress, with everyone helping! Including the chickens.

I think this run is measuring just over 10 foot long by 4 foot wide with the individual parts being approximately 2 foot wide.


Nearly finished, just needs one more section to be completed and the lids fitted and of course to grass to grow back. 



We have all the rabbits in an 8x6 shed now, No more getting wet!!



The White Hutches.

Flori (top) and Harmony (bottom).

Background white hutches.

Sky (left) and Diamond (right) and a Spare (bottom).

The Brown Hutches. 

Mini Miles (top) and Fuzz (bottom).

Background brown hutches.

Stevie (top) and Bunny (bottom).

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