KM'S English Rabbits

Important information at the bottom of this page. I advise you to read before purchasing a bunny from me.




At the Bexhill stud

£25.00 each for pet quality, £35.00 each for show quality.





Conditions of Sale

  • Please think carefully before buying any rabbit. Rabbits can be a 10 year commitment.
  • All baby rabbits will leave with a few days worth of food that they have been brought up on for the change over to your choice of feeding stuff.
  • It is an offence to sell any animal to anyone under 16 years of age, all children must be accompanied by an adult for viewings, ID may be required. 
  • Please bring a secure travelling box to pick your rabbit up in. I do not provide boxes.
  • Once the bunny has left my care I hold no responsibility to it. All bunnies that leave me are in the best possible health.
  • I do not allow any rabbit to leave before the age of 8 weeks old. 
  • Please be aware that although I sex all the rabbits before they leave me, It is not always a 100% guarantee.
  • People who are on the waiting list will have priority 1st. 
  • To reserve a rabbit of your choice it is advisable to place a deposit of £10.00 per rabbit. This is a non-refundable deposit. This deposit secures your chosen rabbit. I accept cheques, (made payable to Miss K Brown) or cash.
  • All proceeds go back to the rabbits. 
  • I only have a couple of litters a year from each doe from the earliest age of 9 months and I only breed to improve my lines for showing.
  • English rabbits are known for their friendliest and I recommend them as a good all rounder pet for Children 10+ (due to their build) and adults.
  • All my rabbits are handled daily and are use to children and other pets.
  • All young stock are handled from day one to make them sociable and friendly.
  • On Some ocasions I may have older rabbits up for sale to bring on the next generation, these in turn are really friendly and well handled.


Pet - Means that the rabbit is only suitable as a pet but maybe able to be shown in pet classes at small animal shows. Breed - Means that the rabbit could probably be shown, but would be better as a breeding animal. Show - Means that I believe that the rabbit would be suitable for Showing. Sold - Means that a rabbit has be paid for in full. Reserved - Means that a rabbit has a deposit placed on it. Available - Means that a rabbit is available to purchase. On Hold - Means held until gender is known. I will only hold a rabbit until sex is known then you will have 1 WEEK (7 days) to place a deposit/payment on it.

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