KM'S English Rabbits



Flori's 1st litter.(proud mum)


Jake with Flori's 2nd litter (2 days old).


Stevie's 1st litter at 3 1/2 weeks old, a mix of choc's and blacks, 6 survived out of a 11! 


Handsome chap a lovely marked buck from Stevie's 1st litter. 




Holly Blue marked English.




Buxton relaxing on a car rug - stopping the traffic! 


This is Lightning a chocolate charlie English, he came for a little holiday. 


Jake and Stu. 


Jake and Flori. 


Flori at Sprouts birthday party. 


Flori having a laugh at Sprouts party. 




Etienne, Very handsome Tri-colour Buck, We were going to started breeding this rare breed/colour, but we found that the tri seemed to be a bit scatty. 


Jake and Max having a cuddle with Buxton. 


Mickey Brooks






OTHER BREEDS - that we kept before deciding to concentrate on the English. We had a x breed doe "Bunny" Brown Agouti, a pair of Blue Netherland Dwarfs and a pair of Havana Mini Rexs, and at one point a Black lion lop "Mr Williow" 

Bunny's 1st litter. 


Bunny's 2nd litter at 8wks, (Houdini on the left)


Bunny's 3rd litter at 11 days old. 


Jake and another baby bun. 


Jake and Woody.


Its love! Diamond and Blue Sharing a carrot on St Valentines day 2009. 


Mr Willow Black lion lop buck. 


Lightning English and a Dwarf lop 

Bunny's 1st litter at 8wks.


(Sprout on the left and Flopsy on the right) 


Jake and a baby bun. (soooo sweet). 


Jake and Bunny. 


Blue- Queen of the sofa. 


Jake rounding up Bunny's babies. 


Fuzz Havana mini Rex buck


Mini Miles Havana mini Rex doe, we travelled 168 miles one way to Northamptonshire, hence her name. 





Chicky, Snow-white and Crispy having a nose around the rabbit shed. 


Jake riding a sheep at the seven sisters sheep centre 


Sandy the blue haze chicken. 


Sophie. It wasn't me! 


Jake and Sophie getting their 2nd place rosette at Firle place 2008.


Sarah and Sandy on the loose. 

Jake, Sandy and Sarah eating the worms. 


First egg!!! 


Sarah the Marans-speckeled. 

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