KM'S English Rabbits

31/01/09 Goodbye Stu our spotted prince. Chocolate English spot buck.

Sired 2 litters to Flori and 1 litter to Bunny. 

31/01/09 R.I.P Navy we will miss you! Blue self Netherland dwarf buck.

Sired 1 litter to Blue. 

15/03/10 Crispy Indian runner drake, Such a fun and lively bird. 

 10/10/10 Ink Black marked buck, Died after being orphaned by Brook.

Dam: Brook. Sire: M&M.

24/02/09 R.I.P Sarah. Marans coucou. Victim of Mr fox.

22/05/09 Jester believed to have passed away with heat stroke. Blue Netherland dwarf buck.

Blue and Diamonds 1st litter together.

 04/02/10 Flori chocolate marked doe, We will miss this lovely doe, such a great mum to all her litters.

Dam:Mahogany. Sire: Lightning.

 06/10/10 Brook Chocolate marked doe, Died unexpectedly after her 1st litter, one kit out of four has survived.

24/02/09 R.I.P Sandy. Blue Haze. Victim of mr fox. 

22/07/09 Fluffy chick we think Snow-white squashed it.

1st natural hatchling. 

 11/09/09 Pixie choc English self kit. I got quite attached to this little kit, it was a runt who clung on for 4 weeks.

Dam: Flori. Sire: Harmony.

 09/10/10 Harmony Chocolate marked buck, He was a pleasure to have a very gentle natured rabbit who liked a scratch on the bum! Sired many great kits.

Dam: Sonnet. Sire: Spirit.

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