KM'S English Rabbits


Gloria, laddy and M&M at the Southern championship show 1st May 2011, We got the 1,2,3 out of 7 English. 



Gloria 1st and a 4* cc.



Laddy with his 2nd place cert.



M&M with his 3rd place cert.



M&M with his winning cert's at Ardingly 2nd oct 2010.



Dolly having a taste of her winnings.



Dolly with her 1st cc as an under 5. 



M&M in the fancy challenge at Hastings Rabbit club 11/7/10



 M&M at reading 2010 



Buxton and M&M at reading 2010 



Buxton and all her prizes after becoming BEST IN SHOW at the south coast rabbit club show. 18/04/10. 



 M&M displayed with his prizes from SCRC.



M&M at the south coast rabbit club show 18/04/10.



 Harmony with his 2nd and 3rd place card 18/10/09.



 Stevie with her 2nd place card 18/10/09.



Harmony with his first cert and cc cert 19/04/09. 



Fuzz with his certificates 01/03/09.



Jake and Harmony, Best boys pet at the South of England show on the 12th June 2010. 



Rose in a show pen. 



Jake and Rose with a 4th place rossette. 



Best boys pet and best pet in show, Jake and Diamond with their winnings. 15/11/2009.



Diamond in a show pen. 



Diamond with his best boys pet cert and rossette 19/04/09.



Jake and Diamond with their certificates 01/03/09.


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